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CA032 - Racing Crankshaft CA032 Racing Crankshaft

Bristol Part Number: N332580
CA033 - Racing Con-Rods for CA032 Crank CA033 INR Con Rod Set - Racing (6) - fits CA032 Crankshaft

Bristol Part Number: N332540
CA033S - Racing Pistons & Con-Rods for CA032 Crank CA033S INR Racing Piston & Con-Rod Set (6) - fits CA032 Crankshaft

Bristol Part Number: N332030 + N332540
CA034S - Racing Crankshaft + Pistons + Rods Set CA034S INR Racing Crankshaft (CA032) + Forged Piston (6) + Con-Rod Set (6) (CA033S)

Bristol Part Number: N332580 + N332540 + N332030
CA035 - Con-Rod bolts for CA033 Rods CA035 Con Rod Bolt Set (12) (Fit with CA033 Connecting Rods)

Bristol Part Number: N331240 + N331410
CW15 - Gudgeon pins CW15 Gudgeon Pin Circlip (1) (Wossner Pistons)

Bristol Part Number: N330100
ENG1012 - Crank Thrust Plate (Large Nose) ENG1012 Crankshaft Thrust Plate
(Front Washer)
Bristol Part Number: N330450
ENG1013 - Con-Rod Bearing Set (Small End) ENG1013 Con Rod Bearing Set (6) – small end

Bristol Part Number: N333050
ENG1024 - Crank Nut (For INRacing cranks) ENG1024 Crankshaft Nut – Large nose
Designed to fit on our INRacing cranks. If you have a requirement for an original crank nut, we may have a used but good part in stock.
Bristol Part Number:
ENG1024 - Crank Nut (For INRacing cranks) ENG1024A Crankshaft Nut – Small nose
Representative Image. If you require a crank nut for your small nose crank, please contact us and we will see if we can help!
Bristol Part Number: